Australia Environment Doing ‘...

A decades-established research body published recently indicates that Australia's environmental situation is doing "fairly well" with aquatic life, An...


‘Pornhub’ Sex Education...

Minors without the knowledge of their parents frequently visit pornography website "Pornhub." Now, the pornography website is touting that it is a "we...

Economy Continues To Thrive Despite...

Investor confidence coupled by an admirable consumer activity in the United Kingdom has dispelled all earlier predictions that the UK economy will dec...


Indonesian Earthquake Updates: Offi...

According to local Aceh officials, the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that happened a few hours today had killed 25 people and injured hundreds. The Sumatra...

Australia Environment Doing ‘Fairly Well’ But Needs More Work

A decades-established research body published recently indicates that Australia’s environmental situation is doing “fairly well” with aquatic life, Antarctic environments and heritage sites all over the world properly maintained by world governments. However, it places pressure to introduce more effort to control invasive animal and insect species, climate change, land use and coastal protection.

The report also indicated that increasing urbanisation might be fatal to natural life. The report indicates that increasing population control pressures “should be taken into consideration” to create “a coordinated, comprehensive, well-resourced long-term response.

Australian Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg’s govement-sponsored report indicates that Australian environmental efforts have made minimal impact with water temperatures steadily increasing — introducing “coral bleaching” into seas.

Frydenberg said that the environmental report indicates climate change worsening and it would “affect poorer Australians worse.”

In Antarctica, the ozone layer “hole” was “starting to recover” as ozone-depleting substances were immediately reduced. Antarctica is not safe from climate change as researchers note the faster melting of the polar ice caps. According to Australian Conservation Foundation CEO Kelly O’Shanassy, the report showed that Australian politicians were doing poorly to protect the environment as “big polluters greedily grab nature’s gifts.”

The report indicates that invasive species of feral pigs, cane toads and yellow ants are growing in population and could require culling by local governments.

‘Pornhub’ Sex Education: Taking The Course Lightly Isn’t

Minors without the knowledge of their parents frequently visit pornography website “Pornhub.” Now, the pornography website is touting that it is a “wellness centre” that caters to sexual education in depth. However, some analysts believe that Pornhub may take the subject lightly given the confusing mess of legal exploits used to make pornography an educational medium.


According to Pornhub, it will be releasing media focused on sexual education to promote its “sexual Wellness Centre” brand. According to visitors, the sexual education page could be difficult for minors to find given the onslaught of smut media presented right at the front page.

Some analysts said the idea of sexual education may prove to be sexist in nature. Newstatesman writer Sarah Ditum states that “Men get hard” and “women get wet,” which is a near-derogatory description of the actual functions of the human genitalia without objectivity. It would seem that Pornhub education sounds like teenage “bro” language.

One outstanding achievement for Pornhub is educating people about rape, paying attention to “nonverbal signals of refusal”. Their statement also pointed out that “submission is not the same as consent,” a good message to send to potential students of their courses. However, the subject matter in Pornhub, many a great videos, contradict the idea, which woefully makes Pornhub not the ideal sex education central for those seeking proper education in the matter.

Economy Continues To Thrive Despite Brexit Stumping All Earlier Predictions Of Decline

Investor confidence coupled by an admirable consumer activity in the United Kingdom has dispelled all earlier predictions that the UK economy will decline after its decision to go on Brexit. According to observers, earlier analysts who spread pessimistic outlooks are having their predictions stumped.

According to Bank of England Chief Economist Andrew Haldane, the situation was comparable to Michael Fish’s denial of a hurricane that would never hit Britain and eventually did. However, Haldane acknowledged that there is much to do concerning the “unpredictable” outcome of the Brexit negotiations as it begins.

The BoE Economic Chief added that the career of being an economic forecast analyst is “in crisis” and alluded to similar circumstances where economic forecasts from the Great Depression and the Great Recession/Financial Crisis 2008 where warnings were not heeded.

Investors and consumers strongly resumed activity despite corporate uncertainties in terms of new business and corporation terms as the UK and EU separates with the invocation of Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty.

Halden said it is likely that the economic growth can last or destabilise after the UK – EU negotiations. The outcome is still unknowable even for economists as it would be for the common person, he stressed.

Indonesian Earthquake Updates: Officials Say 25 Died in 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake in Aceh

According to local Aceh officials, the 6.5 magnitude earthquake that happened a few hours today had killed 25 people and injured hundreds. The Sumatra island of Indonesia was shaken with Pidie Jaya district near the epicentre of the earthquake. Rescue operations are now ongoing in the area.


Injured patients have overwhelmed the local hospital as rescuers continue to find their way under the debris and rubble after the earthquake. The teams are using heavy machinery to shift the debris and retrieve the injured and the bodies of those who died. The neighbouring district hospital accommodated more patients given its better facilities.

According to the Indonesian meteorological agency, the province of Aceh and the Sumatra island is not at risk of any tsunami. The US Geological Survey said the Indonesian province was rocked at 05:03 local time at a depth of 17.2km.

Indonesia is notoriously prone to earthquakes as it is situated in the “Ring of Fire” — the Pacific ring where tectonic plates collide. Aceh is the most sensitive to these earthquakes and has been engulfed by a tsunami in 2004 after an immense earthquake, killing 170,000 people in the country alone. An estimated $5m worth of properties have been destroyed following the earthquake.

Examining Your Eligibility To Make A Work Accident Claim

Accidents at work can happen even in the safest and efficiently-designed workspaces. Without proper warnings on renovations, improvements and faulty environments or equipment, employees can suffer injuries from a slip, trip and fall, electrocution, sprains and broken bones even from heavy equipment.

UK employers and business owners are responsible for all their staff and anybody inside their identified and registered business establishment. If any accident happens to anyone inside, they are eligible to claim for compensation from the business itself.

You can claim compensation for the following:

  • Slip, trip or fall
  • Dangerous practices and procedures in the workplace
  • Defective or poorly maintained equipment
  • Dangerous machinery at work
  • Noxious environment or toxic substances
  • Falling object
  • Non-adherence to Health & Safety regulations
  • Negligence of co-workers
  • Insufficient or improper training
  • Assault at work
  • Accident while operating a forklift or crane
  • Faulty lifting and manual handling practices brought on by lack of training
  • Industrial injuries such as hand arm vibration syndrome or vibration white finger

Online, calculators can help you find out the amount your hypothetical accident at work claims can get for you. However, only a specialist claims solicitor can help determine the actual amount of compensation you could get for your possible injuries.

It would be best to consult with a professional work accident solicitor within 15 days from the time of your accident.

Kim Kardashian Robbery Boosts Calls For Celebrity Security

On Sunday in France’s Le Medeleine Luxury Apartments, Kim Kardashian was robbed of jewelleries worth more than £5m including a diamond ring given to her by husband Kanye West.

Kim was bound at the wrists and legs as robbers ruffled through her belongings seizing her jewelleries. Bu she had come out unscathed.

Her personal bodyguard Pascual Duvier was out in a club watching over Kim’s sisters Kourtney and Kendall Jenner, participating in Paris Fashion Week.

Personal security for celebrities as they travel is an ever-increasing threat.

“Security is like car insurance — you don’t need it until you need it,” says Anthony “AD” Davis, founder of AD Entertainment Services, who declined to give specifics but has reportedly worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler and the Osbournes. “A lot of people get frustrated and say, ‘Every month I’m paying for this auto insurance and I’ve never had an accident.’ And then, boom, you have an accident and you’re glad that you have that coverage.”

“A lot of celebrities will minimize their coverage as a bottom line cost until something like this occurs,” he says. “[But] it’s not just a bunch of big guys who follow you around and open doors. You’ve gotta have guys that have the instincts to identify suspicious individuals, identify suspicious packages, that have had training and experience.”

Merkel’s Decision To Abandon Deutsche Bank Sends FTSE 100 Into Spiral

Worldwide, billions were gone from stock markets in different cities as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German government have abandoned Deutsche Bank — Germany’s biggest bank.

FTSE 100 index companies have seen more than £23bn wiped off their value as investors dumped financial stocks. The bank had lost more than half its initial value the previous year and it has multiple challenges from low interest rates to sluggish economic growth and profit.

Overall, Deutsche Bank shares had fallen about 7.5 per cent to a record low the previous day. Other financial stocks have also been directly affected with the reduction.

Deutsche Bank is currently fighting a £35trillion portfolio of complex high-risk derivative trades that is at risk of collapse. Many experts and investors claim it could create a crash in the financial system if it fails.

To add, the United States had fined the bank with £10.8 billion for selling toxic bundles of mortgage debt during the 2008 financial crisis. Deutsche Bank said it would not pay the full amount as the final figure is subject to negotiation between the two parties.

Investors feared the bank only had £12.7bn in total collateral value. They fear it is quite close to the £10.8bn fine.

Michael Hewson, of financial firm CMC Markets UK, said: “While one can understand the reticence of German politicians to bail out yet another bank, particularly in the lead up to an election, one has to question the wisdom of articulating that reluctance out loud when markets are already nervous.”

Hole in Gatwick Runway “Nightmarish”

Passengers aboard a plane about to takeoff from the Gatwick runway said they felt “hell” after seeing the hole discovered in the main runway of the airport.

Due to the hole, flights were forced in holding patterns. Others were diverted to other airports as the runway was closed immediately upon the discovery of the hole.

The secondary runway strip in Gatwick was brought into operations while the engineers fixed the main runway with a huge hole in the middle.

According to aviation experts, warm weather and increased flight numbers had steadily worn out the airport.

Eight flights travelled to other airports including those out of the way in Southampton. Other flights have been delayed in different areas affected by the mass diversion.

Aviation expert Julian Bray told the Standard: “For the holes, blame the hot weather and some movement in the substrate under the runways.

“Couple this with increased traffic movements and heavier landings causing break up.

“A second runway would solve the problem as there would be longer periods to carry out remedial work rather than playing catch up with a series of quick fixes, or patches.”

Anjem Choudary Faces Jailtime for Pro-IS Messages

Violent Hate Preacher Anjem Choudary is found guilty of radicalising young Muslims to join and support the cause of the militant extremist group Islamic State.

Mr Choudary, born in the United Kingdom and aged 49 years old, had encouraged British Muslims to back the terrorist group’s ideals. In videos posted on his YouTube, he recognises Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi — the self-declared Caliphate of IS — as the one true caliphate.

The Hate preacher was once a leading figure of the banned group al-Muhajiroun (ALM). His former supporters including himself have been convicted of terrorism. However, he had stayed on the right side of the law for two decades until investigators had continued their investigation of him.

Mr Choudary and a Mohammed Mizanur Rahman of 33 years of age were found guilty of encouraging IS support between June 29 2014 and March 6 2016.

As the pair were convicted, Mr Justice Holroyde said they had only shown “a grudging compliance” to the court, adding: “You have made your disregard for the court abundantly plain.”

Choudary faces a maximum possible sentence of 10 years in prison, although the judge admitted: “There is very little in the way of precedent in the way of sentencing. Although this has been an offence under an Act of Parliament for some time, it’s very far from being one of the most common.”


The UK Has 30 Fake Universities in Existence

Online education is now possible with great Internet connection. Anyone who needs a masters degree in any subject only needs to log-in, pay their tuition, fulfil their assignments, pass the course and become a new professional.

The increase of for-profit universities with valid educational content had given positive outlooks for some post-graduates. But some of them are just fronts for a huge fraud.

According to research by the Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD), they had identified about 62 fake educational institutions in the past year. About 32 had been closed down by trading standards agencies and 30 are under investigation.

About 25 of these UK universities were online based overseas. According to HEDD Director Jayne Rowley, the agency is to advise other valid institutions to clarify to UK students that they could not award valid degrees.

“All the ones that were shut down were completely bogus,” said Rowley. “The completely fake sites that talk of campuses of students when there’s literally nothing there at all.” Rowley cited one case that Hedd is working on at the moment that involves a university whose address, listed on its website, is actually “an empty shop front in Hyde in Cheshire”.

“The overall figure of the number of recruiters who check degree qualifications with the awarding body is only around 20%,” said Rowley. “So an awful lot of fraud goes undetected. Only two-thirds of employers actually ask to see a degree certificate, a third will rely on CVs.